WikiChemia currently offers access to a wide range of lists, which includes most of the information needed to complete Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and all the legal documents. Our offer consists of, amongst others, Annex VI to CLP substance names, Proper Shipping Names (PSN) and tables of transport regulation (Canadian transportation of dangerous goods regulation, international air transport regulation, US department of transport…), Reach annexes (IV, VII, X...), translations of the sentences used in SDS (for an exhaustive list, contact us)… We are working on the integration of all the lists that could be of any use for our customers, in the continuous improvement process that we follow in the company. All these data are available on a platform called ComplyStation, which is developed from scratch by specialists. This platform is tailored to host and treat our data the very best way, it offers exceptional ergonomics and flexibility.

Here are ComplyStation specificities:

ComplyStation is much more than that!
ComplyStation is …

Finally, ComplyStation is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which ensures minimum costs for your company.